So around June of 2017 I began a project that I'd been writing and thinking over in my head for about 359 days, 9 hours, and 43 minutes, as of writing this. Ever since I had been changing, revising, and totally reworking the first few chapters of it. It's meant to be a novel—part Biblical fiction, part commentary on the human condition, part religious experience. Now if that sounds in any way presumptuous, please be aware that is. It's gonna be big, at least for me, and when it's finished (if it's finished) it will be probably one of the more important things I've done with the couple billion heartbeats Almighty God's given me. You curious what it's about? Well let me tell you all about it!

If you took a wild guess about the book's title by taking a glance at your hotbar or even clicking the link that got you here, you probably already know the title (or at least the working title). It's called Sign of Jonah, and it surrounds a historically contextuaized first-century Galilean Jew named Jesus, who is being moved by unseen hands to speak words that are not his own and begin a revolutionary movement founded upon the idea of an imminent dominion of the divine, known as the kingdom of heaven. In doing so he impacts the lives of twelve men, a mere handful of which provide their opinions and experiences with the Master until his death on the eve of the Passover by the hands of his enemies.

In this book I hope people find the Jesus that is presented in the gospels: a man who by complete surrender to God's will comes to an understanding of God that none other in all of history dared to find; a man who believed wholeheartedly in the justice and compassion that the Lord extends to his creation and chosen people; and a man who had more hope for the human race than any other figure in history, insomuch as entrusting his very life to this wretched people, and all in the name of the god that he called 'father.'

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